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How to Update my Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Application on my Android Head Unit
Here's a short summary of how to update the T-LINK/Z-LINK application on your Android Operating Head Unit, so that a newer version can be installed, this should fix any issues you have with the previous version of the application i.e. Outdated Application, New Firmware and Bugged Applications
Are cheap aftermarket head unit installations good?
This is a blog post about cheap aftermarket head unit installations and weather they're a good idea? It looks at the upfront cost, as well as the quality of the job, in comparison to a more professionals approach to installing aftermarket head units.
Is it worth upgrading your pre-installed head unit?
This is a blog post about some of the reasons as to why you should upgrade your pre-installed head unit for an aftermarket one, replacing the stock model for an aftermarket one comes with many benefits which are outlined in this post.